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MindSet of Wealth (MOW) is a program to coach beginners ‘how’ to think about their financial future. The concept of a MOW is that we all have the ability to create a substantial personal wealth from within our individuality...more

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It’s our intention to restore the American Dream throughout the nation with a MindSet of Wealth. This includes an outreach of financial education for all ages ....more BUY OUR FEATURED BOOK: "WHO LIKES MONEY?" BUY NOW


As the nation's economy regains its strength, we will keep our community updated with financial news, helpful information and tips in our newsletter. MOW newsletter, "Mr. G’s Thread", will also include parenting tips, ...more

Greetings and thank you for visiting a MindSet of Wealth (MOW)!

Yes, it’s true—MOW is not your typical financial literacy program for teens and young adults. Although we do teach some financial literacy, our goal is more than money management or financial survival. MOW is about creating lasting financial residuals from your efforts, unique energies and other resources.  It is about living a happier and more fulfilling life with more opportunities, greater prosperity and less stress.  Simultaneously, you are securing your comfort and standard of living, while moving forwards to your dreams and better living.   Currently, we are featuring our youth study book Who Likes Money, a financially thought provoking program designed for today’s teen that promotes building wealth as a primary goal.  It’s a great educational asset for schools, homeschoolers, and any youth serious about their financial future. wlmfront gw